How is online addiction formed?

Online Addiction is a huge problem faced by millennials of this generation. What is categorized under online Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD)?

  • Playing video games excessively
  • Compulsively shopping online
  • Internet use interfering with social interactions
  • Internet use interfering with work/school responsibilities
  • Cannot stop checking your notifications (Instagram/Facebook, etc)

How does it all begin?

Once you install an app that draws your attention, it is difficult to detach from it. The human brain tends to find it hard to let go of a certain feeling once it has got a taste for it.

  • Loneliness. The only escape to depend on when one feels low and has no one talk to, is the internet.
  • Anxiety. When social interactions trigger anxious feelings, the internet seems to be an escape for those victims.
  • Low self esteem. The internet is a medium that allows people to portray what they are not.
  • Magnetic influence most online websites have an influential way of catching people’s attention and incorporating interesting activities into using the website/app.


To find a solution to a problem it is important to understand the root of the issue. To prevent any issue, major or minor you should nip it in the bud.

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