How to keep young people safe from Electronics

Electronics. Such useful items for information and entertainment but as life says, too much of anything is bad.

  • Excessive use of the internet can lead to addiction.
  • Playing too many video games can lead to a violent future.
  • Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube may take a toll on a student’s academic result.

But these problems are not caused by the electronics themselves so people must take caution before using electronic devices.

  • Use the internet together. Doing this helps the parents to understand the child’s use and interests in the internet.
  • Establish expectations. Creating a family agreement which might include time spent online, where and when devices can be used and what to do if they see something upsetting is a healthy step.
  • Supervise your child’s use. Young children are prone to be subjected to inappropriate content and monitoring them is the best way to prevent the same.
  • Monitor quality and quantity of online activities. This method may help the child manage time and also develop a healthy relationship online.
  • Enable parental control. For example, Netflix passport protects age restricted content.
  • Choose age appropriate games and apps. Parents are the best example setters to kids. Using apps that will benefit their cognitive skills could be influential.
  • Teach them to protect their privacy. Make them understand the consequences of revealing personal information online.
  • Anything on the internet is irreversible. Teach them this by giving an example of misusing and inability to regain something once the damage has been done.


Remember this motto, “If you won’t do it offline, don’t do it online.”

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